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Massage shampoo

Massage shampoo combined with head, neck and shoulder massage to bring comfort, relieve neck and shoulder pain, at Quin spa, nourishing hair and body combined with shampoo is the best combination for health and spirit.

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Massage Body

Body massage with acupressure exercises, professional massage from well-trained KTVs, hand strength combined with herbal foot bath, brings the best experience


Service prices

Massage shampoo price list

Service prices

Body massage price list

Quinspa massage body

Massage Body

349.00060 minutes

  • 10% off when checking in at Quin spa
  • 10% off when traveling with 2 people
  • 10% off opening day (from May 10 to May 31)
  • Buy 10 times, get 10 times
Step 1: Herbal foot bath, rock salt
Step 2: Warm up with dry massage
Step 3: Wear herbal eye mask
Step 4: Apply essential oils
Step 5: Press acupressure, massage back
Step 6: Foot massage
Step 7: Press acupressure, massage the feet
Step 8: Massage neck and shoulders
Step 9: Press the head massage point
Step 10: Wipe with a warm towel
Step 11: Use tea

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